Compounding medications for women offer the best medical solution for those who do not want to be treated with an assembly line mentality. No two people are alike and their bodies handle medications differently. Depending on the unique physical characteristics and their specific medical conditions, compounding medications offer one-of-a-kind solutions that are designed on an individual basis.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Women have unique health concerns when it comes to their reproductive system. Several things affect their reproductive health and when something is amiss, it can throw off other systems in their bodies as well. Compounding medications address each issue at the source, preventing them from getting worse and allowing symptoms to subside naturally and completely over a period of time. Individualized treatment for hormone related issues can help improve a woman’s ability to conceive as well as help to control irregular menstrual periods and other health issues common to women.

Individual Dosing
Individual dosing is extremely important for men and women alike. Women, however, have unique problems when it comes to dealing with multiple issues at one time, especially when it comes to the reproductive system. Hormones are released by several organs in the body. Every hormone released plays some role in how the reproductive system functions. One small fluctuation and a multitude of problems can begin to arise, which can throw the entire system out of balance.

Because every person has a unique chemical make-up that sets them apart from others, individual dosing is extremely important when trying to address several issues at one time. When treatment begins, a specific dosage is used to start the process. As women continue to take the medications and the severity of the conditions begin to change, the dosages will also need to be altered to compensate for the healing that has taken place.

Create Compounds That Address Multiple Issues
In some cases, a healing crisis can take place causing illness or reactions in other parts of the body. If this occurs, compounding medications allow the patient to receive treatment for each issue without fear of suffering from contraindications or severe side effects that can occur with the use of conventional medications. A pharmacist who specializes in compounding medications evaluates every aspect of a woman’s health and then creates a one-of-a-kind formula that addresses each health issue. They look at a woman’s age, general health, weight and all medical conditions present before attempting to formulate a compound.

More Choices
Compounding medications offer women more choices when it comes to their healthcare. They no longer have to rely on medications that are designed to only solve one problem at a time. Compounding medications offer them the ability to address the majority of problems at one time without worrying about contraindications that may arise when two conflicting medications are needed. It also offers the opportunity to address the problem at its source instead of only alleviating the symptoms that are causing discomfort.

Easier to Metabolize
Compounded medications are easier to metabolize than most over-the-counter or prescription medicines. The natural alternatives used to make a compounded medicine are much easier for the body to recognize and break down than many of their synthetic counterparts that are found in conventional medicines. The body does not recognize most synthetic forms of medicine. Instead of breaking them down, they are held in the liver and eventually flushed out of the system without helping in any way.

When natural components are used, the body is able to break them down quickly and efficiently so that it can immediately begin to use them when and where they are needed. The more efficiently a compounded medicine is used, the faster the healing process will be. For women who have multiple health issues to deal with, addressing one or two at a time may be the best way to go. Natural components are able to address these issues from the source and begin the healing process. Once the main issue has been addressed, the symptoms it caused will eventually begin to disappear.

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