With more than half a decade of service to the long term care community, United Pharmacy delivers innovative and practical solutions to everyday challenges. United Pharmacy services feature specialized packaging for accurate and efficient administration of medications.

United Pharmacy provides a broad array of pharmacy-related services to long term care facilities and many other customers in the health care industry. Although senior care has long been United Pharmacy’s specialty, we also serve many diverse patient populations.

Commitment At Every Level

A large part of United Pharmacy’s success is derived from a commitment, at every possible level, to the health and welfare of each patient we serve. Our employees focus their work on improving the quality of life for both residents and patients. United Pharmacy is truly a comprehensive health care organization, working to improve the health and quality of life for everyone we service.

Recognizing that seniors have specialized and unique medication requirements, United Pharmacy’s pharmacists specialize in geriatric pharmacy. Each resident’s medication program is checked for interactions and appropriateness. State of the art equipment is utilized to package and seal medications in customized packaging to ensure safety and accuracy for administration at the facility.

How We Fulfill It

The best way United Pharmacy can benefit the people we service is to consistently provide quality. After years of experience, United Pharmacy has developed a complete understanding of the day in day out practical needs of our long term care and specialty care customers.

Assisted Living

With the frequently changing needs of residents and the challenging requirement of managing licensure and compliance, it’s important to have a partner pharmacy who truly understands the business of Assisted Living. As exemplary senior care pharmacy provider for over half a decade, United Pharmacy works with Assisted Living facilities to provide the right mix of innovative and practical solutions intended to provide insight to support staff in virtually every aspect of their work.

Consultant pharmacists ensure medication regimen is both effective and appropriate

Many facilities use United Pharmacy consultant Pharmacists review every resident’s medication chart frequently. The chart review may reveal possibly dangerous medication interactions and therapeutic duplications. This review can also provide an opportunity for pharmacists to recommend alternative medications or formulations that may increase the safety or effectiveness of a resident’s medication regimen.

Pharmacy Capability

United Pharmacy works to deliver the most effective medication regimen for every individual patient. Safeguards and double checks are built into our system to ensure that everyone’s daily medications are packaged appropriately for accuracy.  United Pharmacy’s consultant pharmacists are available to assist with survey preparation, perform medication regimen reviews and facilitate educational seminars.

Operational Capacity

We are equipped to provide medication distribution that exceeds the needs of our customers by satisfying both nursing efficiency and med pass quality assurance through our monthly cycle compliance medication packaging services. Those include MOT (medicine on time), Blister Pack (bingo cards) and Bottles (vials). The monthly MOR (medication observation record) is corrected and updated monthly along with a review to ensure the best possible outcomes with the least expensive medications.