At one time all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies. Mass marketed prescriptions weren’t the ‘norm’ until the 1900s. Medications were custom blended or compounded on site at the request of a doctor. Every person was treated in a way that was just right for him or her. Medication was fresh, no one needed to worry that the medicine they purchased had been sitting on a shelf for months (or longer) and had lost effectiveness.

Customization and Personal Touch

While it may seem like a thing of the past or old fashioned, compounding medicine for the patient still exists. It is important to use a compounding pharmacy – which is easier to find than you may think – as the lack of a personal touch has become the normal routine. People hate being treated like a number and due to the amount of reactions to many modern formulations on the mass market; a relationship with a good compounding pharmacy can help save lives.

How can using a compounding pharmacy have such an impact? It’s an easy answer- a pharmacy that compounds medications can tailor the medicine to any patient’s specific needs. Let’s examine the possibility that a patient has a severe allergy to a component of a normally prescribed medicine. A compounding pharmacy can leave that ingredient out of a mix if it isn’t the main ingredient.

The Perfect Mix

Another perfect example of why it is important to employ or work with such a pharmacy is that great with compounding is that if a patient has trouble absorbing a medicine one way, the pharmacist can create another compound. If pill form doesn’t work then a capsule can be tried. From there a gel can be next or even a cream.

Due to the nature of compounding, patients can expect to have a higher quality of care and attention from their pharmacy. If a person has a hard time understanding how many medications they need to take, the pharmacist can help. For people resistant to extra doses there’s a good possibility he medications can be compounded into single doses.

Your doctor and your compounding pharmacist can work together to make your medication work best for you. This is the perfect mix in medication and care.

Hormone Treatments and Compounding Therapy

There are quite a few choices for hormone replacement treatments. It is confusing for patients that think they’ve found the perfect medication only to end up with unwanted side effects. Many times the culprit isn’t the active ingredient, what can cause a reaction are the ‘inert’ ingredients or the delivery carrier system (the oil, gel, or cream base). If this is the case, the doctor and pharmacy can fine-tune the delivery system. Some experts believe that a transdermal approach with bio-identical treatments will work the best. A compound can be created that will include bio-identical ingredients along with safer creams for that patient. There are even options for vegan patients or those that need to avoid certain ingredients for religious reasons. Compounding can help avoid any ethical conflict in medical care if properly done.

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