Compounded creams can be made into an unlimited number of combinations and strengths based on the patient specific need. Topical creams can be compounded for Hormone Replacement Therapy, Numbing, Pain, Bleaching, Acne and even facial peels and exfoliants.



Much like compounded creams a compounded gel can be formulated in much the same way with a comparable array of combinations to include both alcohol containing gel base and alcohol free as well.



Capsules can be compounded for just about any drug that can be taken orally for a multitude of reasons. They can be compounded to be devoid of fillers or unnecessary additives, they can alter the strength of a drug either upward or downward from what’s commercially available, as well as discontinued drugs can be compounded once they are no longer available on the market or even combinations of drugs that can be combined together for ease of administration or to reduce the amount of capsules to be taken at one time or per day.



Troches allow for a unique method of administration through the buccal cavity (under the tongue or inside of the cheek), many drugs that will not survive intact when administered orally will be a good candidate for this method of administration as well as drugs that are needed to be absorbed rather quickly. Ask your compounding pharmacist what drugs are best administered with this type of administration.