Sterile Compounding

United Pharmacy Sterile Compounding: Quality & Precision

In the compounding pharmacy world, sterile doesn’t mean clean, rather sterile is an exact standard, a strict list of environmental conditions set out by our industry’s ruling body, the United States Pharmacopeia. The standard of sterility is an assurance of quality and safety.

Sterile Compounding: Adherence To Strict Policies & Procedures

These medications are compounded in our specially designed and constructed Clean Room. In this environment, United Pharmacy’s skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians prepare medications according to USP Chapter 797, the regulatory standard for the compounding of sterile pharmaceutical preparations. These procedures include:

  • Lab testing of finished products, both in-house and independently
  • Monitoring with environmental microbiology sampling
  • Monitoring the particle count of the sterile environment
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance routines
  • Routine outside certification of our laminar flow hood
  • Routine testing of our pharmacy staff’s sterile technique
  • Proper staff grooming and gowning before entering critical sterile areas

Sterile Compounding: A Measure Of Our Commitment To Excellence

Maintaining a sterile environment requires a constant, ongoing commitment to quality and safety. This is the hallmark of the United Pharmacy commitment of quality. Please contact us to learn more about United Pharmacy sterile compounding.

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Sterile Injectables

United Pharmacy is a full service Sterile Compounding Pharmacy with a specific focus on high risk sterile compounding. We offer a wide variety of Sterile Injectables including Hormones, Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins, Amino Acids, Chelation Agents, MIC Injections including many different types of Lipotropics and all of the ingredients for a Meyers Cocktail.


United Pharmacy will now be offering Estradiol and Testosterone implant pellets. These new drug delivery products will be available in a multitude of sizes and strengths to facilitate customized dosing in both male and female patients. If you have questions about what a pellet is and how it can help you or your patients, please give one of our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists a call for an explanation.


Total Parental Nutrition compounded IVs are available through United Pharmacy, regardless of the disease state or the combination of Macro and Micro nutrients required, United Pharmacy has the capacity to produce whatever custom TPN is need for your patients.


Renal Dialysis Patients in need of IDPN services look no further! In addition to our normal TPN, we also offer the Intradyalitic Parental Nutrition with the same degree of customization of our Regular TPNs.

IV Antibiotic

We offer a broad array of IV antibiotic compounds with a majority of our patients receiving Cubicin and Vancomycin IVs.

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