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It is very important to make sure that every facility is at par with sterility standards in the health industry. If one fails to follow these standards properly, it is really hard to imagine how badly it could harm the patient as well as the people providing health care.

That is why it is very important to ensure all the new standards are up to USP 797 guidelines. It is important if you want to meet all the standards required by the government. If you are not familiar with the term USP 797, here is a small introduction for you.

USP 797

USP is a public standards-established authority called the United States Pharmacopeia. It sets guidelines on the health care products that are created or sold in the US on over the counter and prescription medicines. USP 797 is one of the most popular standards that prevent excessive microbial contaminations and bacterial endotoxins. There is a complete guidebook on these standards and the last version was released in 2008.
United RX Sterile CompoundingPlaces where compounded sterile preparations are done are under USP 797 regulations. So, it includes healthcare institutions, pharmacies and doctors offices. These standards are not limited to the type of compounding site or specific profession.

Those that require sterilization before administration and those who expose contents to possible contamination are included in CSP. The Food and Drug Administration and Healthcare Organizations can both enforce practices related with sterile compounding. So anybody who prepares CSP has to follow these standards and every technician, nurse and doctor should follow these standards when proceeding.

USP 797 Standards

The first step for ensuring these standards is to check the risk level in the facility. When it’s done, it is time to plan how the risk can be reduced and how to follow the standards of USP 797. Some places might require huge changes, while others might require only things like improved gloves and gowns or improved hand washing procedures. So when it comes to these small procedures, it is important to follow these standards.

To understand the level of risk, testing and sampling various locations in the facility can be a good place to start. You can also think about labs where these tests can be done and they can give you an exact result.

Meeting all the standards required by USP 797 can be a difficult task at first. You might see that only small changes can help you to do that if your health organization is clean and if you are following the other standard procedures.

If you believe bringing simple changes are not going to help you, you can seek help and look for labs that are expert in USP 797. They are experts in this arena and can help you with a plan. Once they have prepared an action plan, you can expect to provide people safe sterile compounding that is effective for employees and patients. It can also help people to keep their hospital clean.


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