Giving your animal a medication can present an array of difficulties. United Pharmacy is a reputable veterinary compounding company and offers a variety of flavors AND forms in which these medications can be administered.

Some of the more popular forms include: transdermal ear gels, solutions, suspensions, sublinguals, capsules, and injections.

We also have a stock of flavors, one or more of which is sure to appeal to your animal. We offer flavors such as tangy apple, crispy bacon, mom’s banana bread, red angus beef, barkin’ bubblegum, creamy caramel, cheesy cheddar, chicken potpie, fish chowder, groovy grape, roasted lamb, gooey molasses, mandarin orange, scrumptious peanut butter, watermelon passion, and grilled tuna, to name a few.

Also, our years of experience working with veterinarians and zoo caretakers has made us adept at compounding specialized medicines for specific breeds of animals and unique health problems.

Some of the animal medications we carry in stock are:

  • Dichlorphenamide
  • Daranide
  • Doxycyline
  • Potassium Bromide
  • Sodium Bromide
  • Griseofulvin


If you’re looking for a reputable veterinary compounding company that services most of the United States of America, United Pharmacy is for you!

United Pharmacy Sterile Compounding Florida

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