Compounding For Infants

Pharmaceutical compounding helps doctors create customized medications for patients from all walks of life. While middle aged and elderly patients tend to rely more heavily on prescription medication, pediatric patients – especially babies and infants – benefit an enormous amount from the medications created by the modern compounding pharmacy. There are many fine examples of customized medications that have been developed for children and infants – more palatable flavors that make the medicine go down more easily is one – but it’s the solution that’s been crafted for reflux in infants that is perhaps the most intriguing. By examining how doctors and parents enjoy the benefits of compounding when it’s time to treat reflux in infants; it’s easy to see just how indispensable this process really is.

Reflux In Infants: What Is It?

Reflux is a very common condition and usually occurs in infants between ages zero to six months. It occurs when a baby brings back up the contends of their stomach after feeding. Sometimes, those contents are regurgitated and end up coming back out of the baby’s mouth. It is important to note, however, that regurgitation is entirely different from vomiting. Unlike vomiting, regurgitation involves no effort; food and other contents simply spill back out, but are not ejected or forcefully expelled from a baby’s mouth.

Managing Reflux –

For the most part, reflux is not a serious or chronic condition. In fact, most babies outgrow it by the time they are sitting up regularly – usually around eight to ten months of age. In the meantime, though, most parents become concerned and want to do something to put a stop to the regurgitation and other issues associated with reflux. In turn, many pediatricians prescribe Losec. This is a very effective drug for treating reflux, but there is one major drawback: it is only produced in tablet form. Obviously, infants are not capable of swallowing tablets, and the concept of crushing up such tablets isn’t very appealing – or advisable – to most parents.

Compounding Losec Into Omeprazole –

When a mam or dad needs reflux medication for their infant, the pediatrician has an excellent option: Compounding Losec tablets into Omeprazole. Omeprazole is a compounded suspension form using the same active ingredient found in Losec tablets. This is administered to infants with a syringe and therefore provides an accurate dosage of medication and comes in two flavors – banana and tutti-frutti. Compounding solutions can be a major rescue not only for the children who suffer from reflux on a regular basis, but also for their parents.

Losec is a prescription medication that is frequently prescribed for infants suffering from reflux. Although Losec is only available in tablet form, it can be customised by a compounding pharmacy such as Dallas Parade Pharmacy and turned into Omeprazole. This liquid form of Losec that can be given to babies much more easily and safely than traditional Losec.


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